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The Application of Frailty Prevention by Walking Speed Measurement in Community




陳淑貞(Shu-Chen Chen);錢桂玉(Kuei-Yu Chien);呂佳育(Chia-Yu Lu)

Key Words

走路距離 ; 一般走路速度 ; 快速走路速度 ; 加速與減速距離 ; walking length ; normal walking speed ; fast walking speed ; acceleration and deceleration distance



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21輯(2015 / 12 / 01)

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51 - 58

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Chinese Abstract


English Abstract

Frailty prevention is global aging society issues. Slow walking speed is one of frailty phoneme. Walking speed is recognized as a physical capacity index and it is also the first-line screening criterial of sarcopenia. Walking test focused on gait of patients is turning into simple walking speed detection. However, various tools and test methods are likely to cause difficulties in interpretation and application of results. We reviewed the previous related studies then propose the recommendation for community implementation. Artificial timing (stop watch), pressure sensing pad, laser or infrared detectors were used in the previous studies. The studies demonstrated that the results were similar using different measurement devices. Therefore, we suggested stop watch is the most cost-saving methods in the community. Four-meter distance is the shortest test distance. However, it is needed to consider acceleration and deceleration distance. Therefore, 6-m is probably test distance for walking test. We suggest the fastest walking speed is to evaluate performance following twice test.

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