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An Ancient Chinese Crime Scene Investigation Case Study and Document Collection




曾榮汾(Rung-Fen Tzeng);古永昌(Yung-Chang Ku)

Key Words

漢籍整理 ; 義類關鍵詞 ; Ancient Chinese documents collection ; Semantic class keywords



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8期(2009 / 06 / 01)

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23 - 51

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Chinese Abstract


English Abstract

There exits many crime scene investigation (CSI) cases that can be employed for analyzing nowadays policing and its investigation activities in Ancient Chinese document. For example, the earliest literatures are ”Shangshu•Lüxing” and bamboo slips of the Qin dynasty unearthed in Shuifudi, and the latest documents are related to policing in Qing dynasty. Those documents present the ancient wisdom and experiences as they analyzed, judged, and investigated the crime cases. Regarding history as mirror, one may learn valuable knowledge to deal with the current problems. Therefore, ancient CSI cases can be useful in nowadays policing and its investigation activities if those cases can logically be translated to modern language and become more readable. This study proposes a novel collection framework for ancient Chinese documents in terms of ”semantic class keywords” which is based on a variety of application scenarios. Furthermore, this study implements ”Zhe Yü Guei Jian”, forensic science for crime scenes and interrogation ideas from Song dynasty, in order to introduce the collection framework that is presented as website for public.

Topic Category 人文學 > 語言學
人文學 > 中國文學