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Case Report of Breast Engorgement and Ducts Clogging among Breast-Feeding Patients Treated by Traditional Chinese Medicine




產後 乳癰 拔罐 中醫 乳汁鬱積

Parallel abstracts

Postpartum breast engorgement and ducts clogging are common complications of neonatal feeding, especially for the primipara mother, who often suffered great pain and inconvenience. We presented a case report of the traditional Chinese medicine treatment of a 42-year-old primipara mother with severe breast engorgement, serious pain, and difficult feeding. After treatment with Ling-Gui-Zhu-Gan Soup And Chai-Hu-Shu-Gan-San, combined with capping therapy at acupoint ST16, SP17, and SI11, the milk discharged smoothly and symptoms was relieved.


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