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A Pilot Study of Computerized Assessment of Visual-Perceptual-Motor Integration




周映君(Ying-Chun Chou);汪宜霈(Yee-Pay Wuang);張志仲(Jyh-Jong Chang)

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視知覺 ; 視覺動作整合 ; 視知覺動作 ; 電腦化評估 ; Visual perception ; Visual-motor integration ; Visual-perceptual-motor ; Computerized assessment



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6卷1期(2010 / 06 / 30)

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13 - 24

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Chinese Abstract

目的:本研究的主要目的是對一套自製的電腦化視知覺動作整合評估工具進行預試,以此預試結果作為編製測驗題目的修正參考。方法:參與預試之對象為居住在高雄市103位3至12歲的兒童,以試題難度、鑑別度、試題內部一致性以及因素分析為主要的資料分析方式。結果:這套自製的電腦化視知覺動作整合評估工具包含了11項子測驗,分別為:視覺動作掃瞄、複製、仿畫、視覺保留能力、空間關係、視覺動作處理速度、手眼協調能力、主題—背景能力、建構、形狀恆常能力以及視覺閉合能力。經由題目的難度與鑑別度分析,選取難度0.3到0.7,且鑑別度大於0.3以上的題目,其餘題目需再修改,而各子測驗的內部一致性從0.24到0.97,有七項子測驗具有良好的內部一致性(> 0.70)。以因素分析檢驗題目的效度,可萃取出兩個共同因素,分別命名為視知覺動作整合與手眼協調敏捷度,可解釋的變異量達56.55%。結論:此次研究的預試結果提供了題目編製的修正範圍,也顯示本評估工具的題目建構具有同質性,未來的研究方向應再進行不同地區樣本的複核以及同時效度、再測信度的檢測,並建立電腦常模資料庫。

English Abstract

Objective: The aim of this pilot study for a computerized assessment of visual-perceptual- motor integration was to examine the appropriateness of test items. Methods: 103 children who aged from 3 to 12 and lived in Kaohsiung City participated in this study. Data analysis was focused on the following statistical methods: item difficulty, item discrimination, internal consistency and factor analysis. Results: This computerized assessment of visual-perceptual-motor integration included 11 subtests. There were scanning, imitations, copy, visual retention, spatial relations, processing speed, eye-hand coordination, figure-ground, construct, form constancy and visual closure. The items of 0.3 to 0.7 of difficulty and greater than 0.3 of discrimination were included in this assessment through item analysis. Seven subtests have good internal consistency (Cronbach's ( >0.70) among 11 subtests and two common factors could be extracted by factor analysis. The two common factors explained variance of 56.55%. Conclusion: The results of this pilot study provided the basis for correcting the inappropriate items, but also demonstrated the homogeneity existed among the items. Further study would toward the examination of cross validation, test-retest reliability, concurrent validity and establishing the national normative database into the computerized assessment.

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