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Rethinking the Predicaments and Possibilities of the Localization of Educational Research




黃騰(Teng Huang)

Key Words

教育研究本土化 ; 理論與實踐 ; 文化混種 ; 整體論 ; 集體主義 ; the localization of educational research ; theory and practice ; cultural hybridism ; holism ; collectivism



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55:3期(2009 / 09 / 30)

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1 - 28

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Chinese Abstract


English Abstract

This article examines some predicaments and possibilities of the localization of educational research through a review of previous studies. It shows that "lack of empirical studies" and "adoption of an oversimplified view of the East and the West" have resulted in such predicaments. To overcome these problems, the author suggests putting more efforts in three important aspects: theoretic, empirical, and dialogues between theory and practice. Some key issues of Taiwan may be need to grasp the notion of localization, such as educational fanatic, neoliberalism, collectivism, holism, and their possible development. In conclusion, the author indicates that localization of educational research cannot be limited to study local issues only, but should be taken as an opportunity and a way to connect to the global world.

Topic Category 社會科學 > 教育學
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