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Verifications of a cloud medical information system with data quality framework





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醫療資訊系統 ; 資料品質框架 ; OpenMRS ; 雲端運算 ; cloud computing ; medical information systems ; data quality framework ; openmrs



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Medical Information System is able to improve the efficiency of health care professionals and reduces the work load, because Cloud Computing is becoming popular and being used widely in different industries, which brings huge transformation for information technology in recent years. There are many advantages after deploy Medical Information System into Cloud Computing. However, due to the conservativeness of health industry and its complex information, the integration of Medical Information System is usually slower and cautiously compare with other industries. Secondly, the structure of Medical Information System base on Cloud Computing is facing many problems under traditional modes. This research is base on the data privacy, accuracy, completeness and availability of data quality framework, verify and strengthen Medical Information System structure of Cloud Computing, therefore Medical Information System can provide data with good quality to health industry. The research shows that after the database encryption, it can identify and distinguish the source of authority while reading the case history, and apply mask or fuzzy display, and increase the security level when the database is being hacked, to lower the possibility of case history leak, to reinforce patient privacy. After the health care professionals input different data, the system will compare them and calculate if they are logical or not under a usual standard, to ensure the input data are accurate, meanwhile scheduled system check and warning alert can notify health care professionals to modify and maintain the data, to improve data accuracy. Building database synchronization is to verify the integrity and capability and to test system load level. The research shows that the system can provide over than 200 transactions per second and is capable for small and medium scale medical units to use. Verify the system service quality while the medical system under multiple connection usage, the results show that parts of the connections have poor quality when the demand is high, and the system can be expanded by the service provided by Cloud Computing supplier. The research uses OpenMRS Medical Information System as an example, to integrate it with NCHC cloud platform, the construction of the systems deployed in the cloud and the facet authentication can provide references for medical institutions to evaluate adding system into Cloud Computing.

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