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The Journal Articles and Doctoral Dissertations Citing Papers from the Joural of Chihlee Institute of Technology


李世欽(Shih-Chen Lee);葉馬克(Mark Yeats);殷向真(Hsiang-Chen Yin);劉任昌(Jen-Chang Liu)

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引用 ; 學術評鑑 ; 洛卡定律 ; 書目計量學 ; 致理學報 ; Citation ; academic performance ; Lotka's law ; bibliometircs Journal of chihlee Institute of Technology



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34期:人文與生活應用特刊(2014 / 07 / 01)

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1163 - 1198

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Chinese Abstract

致理學報創刊於1981年,至2013年止,共計發行33期,刊登400篇學術論文。本研究藉由搜尋國家圖書館資料庫與google學術搜尋系統,發現致理學報論文被其他期刊或博士論文引用者,共計40篇,被引用62次。被引用次數最高之論文是戴維舵(1999)「"Big Five"五大人格特質在人力甄選上的應用探討」,被期刊引用4次,被博士論文引用1次。被引用次數最高之作者是戴維舵與林鳳儀,二者皆被引用6次。然而,前者之著作皆為單一作者,後者則一致性地由三位作者合寫,分別是:林鳳儀、謝金賢與高麗萍(1997);林鳳儀、謝金賢與姚秀筠(2001);林鳳儀、汪進揚與紀東昀(2002);林鳳儀、秦錦雯與紀東昀(2005)。本研究分析被引用之論文作者數量議題,檢定洛卡定律,發現該定律不適用於致理學報之論文作者數量樣本。研究歸納此現象肇因於政策面之影響,進而建議致理技術學院鼓勵教師合作產出論文著作,也建議校方對於本校教師在校外期刊發表著作中,引用致理學報者,予以特別鼓勵。在致理技術學院辦學績效名揚全國之同時,期待致理學報也能在學術領域中提升其知名度與影響力。

English Abstract

The Journal of Chihlee Institute of Technology has published 33 issues with 400 academic papers since its first publication in 1981. After retrieving the Taiwan Citation Index of the National Central Library, as well as exploring the Google Scholar webpage, this study found 40 articles of the Journal had been cited by other journals or doctoral dissertations. The corresponding number of citations is 62, implying that some articles were cited more than once. Tai (1999) was the most frequently cited paper, with four citations in journal articles andone citation in a doctoral dissertation. In addition, articles written by either Tai or Lin were cited six times, making them the most most frequently cited authors. Tai tends to publish papers as a single author, whereas Lin always publishes papers with two or more coauthors, including Lin, Hsieh & Kao (1997), Lin, Hsieh & Yao (2001), Lin, Uang & Chi (2002), and Lin, Chin &Chi (2005). This fact inspires us to test Lotka's law and we show that the distribution of the number of authors having papers cited does not necessarily follow Lotka's law. We suggest that this anamoly is due to policy factors. Accordingly, we suggest that Chihlee encourage teachers to cooperate when producing academic papers, and grant special awards to teachers who publish papers in other journals and cite papers in the Journal of Chihlee Institute of Technology. Consequently, we hope that the Journal of Chihlee Institute of Technology will further build on its well-recognized educational reputation by raising its profile on the national stage.

Topic Category 社會科學 > 社會科學綜合
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